About this website

This website is a wordle clone optimized for old machines. There is no JS or CSS involved at all. It uses only legacy HTML elements and loads fairly fast even on slow dialup. No cookies are required either.
If you want an even less advanced version, you can check out my version in C that's optimized for text terminals and runs under DOS.

The oldest browser this has been tested with is Internet Explorer 1.5.
Note that this browser is so old it lacks color support. If you want color, use at least version 2.0.
If your browser has broken color support you can disable color during a game.

How to play wordle

You have to guess the secret 5 character word within 6 attempts. After you make a guess, the background of letters in your word are colored in either white, green, or yellow.
A white letter does not appear anywhere in the word. A green letter appears in the correct position. A yellow letter is in the word but not the correct position.
Double letters are handled correctly. If the hidden word is CADET and you guess TESTS the first T will be yellow and the second T will be white.

In addition to colors, letters are styled to ensure they work on browsers with defective or missing color support.
underline means the same as green.
bold means the same as yellow.
italic means the same as white.

No attempt is consumed if you guess a word that is not in the list.


The first 2 or 3 guesses should be used to eliminate as many letters as possible unless you have very strong hints for the solution after the first guess already.
How many words are possible is shown below the game table.

Game view explanation

The game field looks like this:

This shows the guesses with colored hints This shows the alphabet with used letters in grey and underlined
In this section you play the game.
Here you make manual and automatic guesses.
You can also enable and disable hints here.
This shows your game id and the number of guesses.

Word hints are disabled by default. You can enable and disable them to get a list of possible solutions below the game. A game always starts with word hints disabled.

Educated guessing

The game keeps a list of all words possible according to your guesses. The "educated guessing" button picks one of the possible words as your next guess.

Word hints

The word hint is fairly smart. It takes all hints (white, yellow, green) into account.
It also handles yellow hints correctly by filtering words that do contain the letter but not at the given position.
The only hint so far that it disregards is when you guess a word like TASTY and the result shows that only one T exists in the solution.